Aivi and the Adventure Egg

Written By Maria M. Mavroenidis


Aivi and the Adventure Egg

By Maria M. Mavroenidis


January 2022

Embark On A Fantastic Adventure!

Aivi and the Adventure Egg is a fantastic bedtime journey featuring colourful illustrations and fun and corky characters like the “Motorcycle Cats”, the “Rockstar Planets” and much more! Now here comes the good part.

Give a Journey

Aivi and the Adventure Egg is a fantastic adventure that takes children through multiple dimensions outside our normal world. It’s a cosmic trip that follows two engaging characters that they could connect with. But there’s more.

The Best Book for a Fantastic Adventurer

This is a book packed with fun! You have the opportunity to make the bedtime into the best time. Place your order now and watch your children learn the power of DANCE!


Flip Through the Pages

The Story of Two Friends

Aivi slipped through the citrus clouds

And fell down into Lemonzest Alley,

The shadow wolf was chasing after him

Ever since they met in Soursweet Valley.

Travel Through Unimaginable Dimensions!

Before their timeless journey

Would forever unravel,

They went to the Beezy Tavern

To get a drink for their first travel.

Would They Escape the Cosmic Black Hole?

But the portal turned out

To be a cosmic black hole,

And they were floating around

And spinning without control.

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A Book That Inspired An Author

Maria M. Mavroenidis engineered “Aivi and the Adventure Egg” to expand the imagination of children and open their minds to crazy ideas. 

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