The Little Dinosaur

Written By Maria M. Mavroenidis

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The Little Dinosaur

By Maria M. Mavroenidis


September 2020

Believe in Your Children!

Low Self-Esteem is Holding Your Children Back

This is a bedtime journey. Reading “The Little Dinosaur” to your children will improve their self-esteem. It will also show that you believe in their ability to succeed. But there’s more.

Give a Journey
By following the story, they will place themselves in the little egg’s shoes and feel as if they are experiencing the cracking of the egg by themselves. It will make them feel their confidence grow as they transform from a little egg into something bigger than they thought possible. Now here comes the good part.

The Best Book For a Dinosaur Enthusiast
Their earlier years are the foundation of all their successes and failures. And all it takes is a few minutes before bedtime. Place your order now and watch your children grow into their highest expressions of themselves!

Flip Through the Pages

Meet the Little Bird

Follow the journey of a little bird stuck inside an egg. Will he ever get out of his own shell?

Enter the Dino Party!

Watch the games of the dinosaurs and find out if the little bird will join too.

Raise Your Head to the Biggest Dinosaur

Learn the biggest lesson on how to become a dinosaur from the biggest one. Will the little bird follow the advice?

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A Book That Grew An Author

Maria M. Mavroenidis has started her writing career writing the book she never had as a child. She grew up without any children’s books and she has always wished for a dinosaur book. And “The Little Dinosaur” is her smaller self’s greatest wish.

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