The Silly Goose's Excuse

Written By Maria M. Mavroenidis


The Silly Goose's Excuse

By Maria M. Mavroenidis


June 2021

Open the Minds of Your Children!

Children Who Fear Failure are Holding Themselves Back

The Silly Goose’s Excuse is a fantastic bedtime journey featuring colourful illustrations and fun and corky monsters like the “Helicopter Squid”, the “Cotton Sweet Sheep” and much more! Now here comes the good part.

Give a Journey

The Silly Goose’s Excuse is a whimsical tale that teaches children how to overcome their fear of failure and helps them find courage and positivity when facing it. It’s a fantastic adventure that follows an engaging character that they could connect with. But there’s more.

The Best Book for a Fantastic Adventurer

Your children need this more than you think! Their earlier years are the foundation of all their successes and failures. And all it takes is a few minutes before bedtime. Place your order now and watch your children grow into their highest expressions of themselves.

Flip Through the Pages

The Story of Two Kings

Join the silly goose in his adventure towards courage in the face of many monsters. Will he even try to fight them?

Watch the Quirky Fights Unravel!

No wonder the silly goose is scared, these monsters are no joke! But the biggest one is yet to come…

How Many Failures?

The silly goose is learning many lessons from his failures…but will he find the one that brings him the success he needs to save the kingdom?

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A Book That Inspired An Author

Maria M. Mavroenidis engineered “The Silly Goose’s Excuse” to expand the imagination of children and open their minds to crazy ideas. 

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